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Ubuntu Shortcuts

Ubuntu has a few useful shortcuts. They really speeds things up a lot!

  1. Super key: Opens Activities search
  2. Ctrl+Alt+T: Ubuntu terminal shortcut
  3. Super+L or Ctrl+Alt+L: Locks the screen
  4. Super+D or Ctrl+Alt+D: Show desktop
  5. Super+A: Shows the application menu
  6. Super+Tab or Alt+Tab: Switch between running applications
  7. Super+Arrow keys: Snap windows
  8. Super+M: Toggle notification tray
  9. Super+Space: Change input keyboard (for multilingual setup)
  10. Ctrl+Q: Close an application window
  11. Ctrl+Alt+arrow: Move between workspaces
  12. Ctrl+Alt+Del: Log out

Source: 13 Keyboard Shortcut Every Ubuntu 18.04 User Should Know