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Mounting remote SSH Filesystems on Windows

rsync.net is a cloud storage service. It offers a remote filesystem with sftp access, and supports all ssh-based storage/backup tools.

On Linux, we can mount remote sftp filesystems like rsync.net using sshfs. On Windows, rsync.net’s tutorial claims “There is no longer a free “Windows Drive Mapper” that works with recent (Windows 10, 11) versions of Windows”. That is false. We can use sshfs-win to mount/map a ssh/sftp filesystem to Windows drive.

To install sshfs-win, open PowerShell and run:

winget install -h -e --id "SSHFS-Win.SSHFS-Win"

To map it to Z: drive, run

net use Z: \\sshfs\username@username.rsync.net

and input the password.

It should now be available at “This PC -> Network Locations”.