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Japanese style Western names based on their etymology

I recently discovered this note I made in high school while chatting with a friend about Chinese name trends: giving Western people Japanese/Chinese style names based on the etymology of their names:

Japanese/Chinese English
舞矛 志胄 William Shakespeare
内石 贵耀 Albert Einstein
新村 喜 Isaac Newton
大智 勇 Victor Hugo
大牢滩 力 Ernest Rutherford
富村 雄人 Carl Gauss
富武郎 孪子 Thomas Edison

For example, “William” means “desire helmet” 1, and “Shakespeare” means, well, shaking spears, hence “舞矛 志胄”. It is quite fun to think about the original meanings behind European names.

  1. From Wikipedia: William is related to the German given name Wilhelm. Both ultimately descend from Proto-Germanic *Wiljahelmaz, with a direct cognate also in the Old Norse name Vilhjalmr and a West Germanic borrowing into Medieval Latin Willelmus. The Proto-Germanic name is a compound of *wiljô “will, wish, desire” and *helmaz “helm, helmet”.