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Compressing HTML files in Jekyll

The HTML files Jekyll generates are standard and conforming, but one small problem remains: they have lots of whitespaces in them. It not only makes control freaks like me find it diffcult to read, but also for a little less efficent for the DOM parsers to parse as well. Also, it makes the website a little bit more data consuming. So I’ll setup a plugin to automatically simplifies the files when generating them.

The plugin is called jekyll-compress-html. It uses Liquid, the language Jekyll uses to describe the way to generate HTML files. To set it up, all you need to do is place the Liquid file compress.html under the _layouts folder. Then add the following front matter before the default.html template:

layout: compress

Rebuild your website and all should be in order!

A few settings are be available. Add the settings in the _config.yml file. The defaults settings are:

  clippings: []
  comments: []
  endings: []
    envs: []
  blanklines: false
  profile: false
  startings: []

startings and endings are for removing optional starting and ending tags. I don’t wish to use it, as it would make the file XML non-conforming. Might cause a tiny bit of trouble for some browsers. comments is for removing HTML comments. There are no comments here at all, so I’ll just leave it be. clippings is an array of elements around which whitespace will be removed. Use all will remove all which are safe to remove, which I did. Others are for debug purposes, which I left alone.