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Chrome use Excessive CPU on Linux

For some reason, a bug is introduced to Chrome Linux after major version 90. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the CPU usage would rise, and the Browser task as seen in Chrome’s task manager would reach 200%. Also, the Idle wake ups rise to a few thousand, while ordinary it’s in the double digits or low hundreds. For me it happens a few times every day, and restarting sometimes solve the problem. Most of the time, this bug occurs after one or more instances of the following error message:

[ERROR:fallback_task_provider.cc(119)] Every renderer should have at least one task provided by a primary task provider. If a fallback task is shown, it is a bug. Please file a new bug and tag it as a dependency of crbug.com/739782.

Of course, I have no idea what it means.

I haven’t yet find a way to reliably reproduce the problem, but it appears a higher number of opentabs increase the chance of bug.